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Small and very small Companies

  • You obtained or wish to obtain the ISO certificate due to your best Customer asking for it, because all Companies in your market already own it, or, even worst, you are forced to get it to take part in a tender.
  • You probably just happened to pass through while looking for someone's help to manage your System in compliance with ISO standard at an affordable price. You probably didn't find yet a trusted consultant or you are just looking for an alternative one because the one you relied on is too expensive, has no time for you, or totally disappeared and you can no longer contact him.
  • At best, you landed here due to yourself being part of that enlightened entrepreneurs inner circle, constantly looking for new solutions to improve the efficiency of their Company. You realized that current methods in your Company's Management System do not work for you and you asked yourself whether is it possible in 21st century not to find an affordable software capable to help.

Today is your lucky day. Things happen for a reason!


With us you can discover:

  • how to stop wasting time with a Management System that does not bring you concrete results;
  • how to simplify and automate your Management System;
  • the secret to transform your Management System from being a burden to being the improvement engine of your Company.

The usual Management Systems wastes that may also be affecting you:


These are the well-known problems that many ISO Certified Companies detect with their Management Systems and which we believe could occur in total or in part in your company aswell:

      • the difficulty in contributing to the creation of value in the Company;
      • the expenses to maintain the certification, whose benefits are limited to commercial visibility (of course, it does not generate sales, but your Customers expect your Company to be certified like its main competitors do);
      • low level on employee involvment in the Company;
      • the lack of risk and opportunity management;
      • the lack of identification, planning and management of improvement actions;
      • experience the periodic certification verification as a race to complete the necessary registrations, generating stress without getting real benefits for the Company.

If, on the other hand, your company uses ISO standards as a business organization tool, it is very likely that it is doing it using the common Microsoft tools (Word and Excel, as an example), shared folders and a lot of good will in keeping processes under control: all these elements may be enough to make the system work, but they generate a considerable waste of time and energy.

Our challenge with companies like yours


Based on the experience and information we own, we can hypothesize the main challenges you daily meet in managing your System:

  • deadlines affecting the Management System and traceability of the activities carried out for their fulfillment;
  • operational continuity in the information management, documented through the distribution, sharing and controlled access to the most up-to-date documentation;
  • collection, cataloging and management of non-conformities and complaints, in order to acknowledge, understand and reduce mistakes, by starting and managing corrective actions;
  • management of employees files and training activities;
  • organized filing of all the records required by the regulations;
  • cooperation improvement and involvement of the staff through a process of controlled delegation;
  • In a single sentence, simplify the organizational processes approach, making it an integral part of operational processes, obtaining benefits in terms of time savings, staff awareness, reduction of errors, waste and risks.

An innovative, methodological approach to change your Management System is the answer to your needs. is technology, leading to a new way of experiencing Management Systems: a true transformation we can guide you in, step by step.


Our consultants start working where everyone else ends his job. They are able to help you digitize your Management System.

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MD Service di Mensa Domenico

Stefania Padoa
Grow Executive!

What does a change management expert thinks about Nothing better than asking her directly! Stefania Padoa, founder of Grow Executive, an ISO 9001 certified company, decided to base her Management System on the Cloud platform.

P. Soli
D.E.L.M.A.C. S.r.l.

D.E.L.M.A.C. S.r.l. is the proof that Quality is not only a tool limited to complex organizations and that the Management (or the entrepreneur) is the real engine of every improvement process. This small company faces up every day the world giants of "white" (washing machines, dishwashers, etc.) making hundreds and thousands of electrical cables every year. D.E.L.M.A.C. introduced to digitize its Quality System.


"Thanks to we have been able to develop a simple, lean and automated Management System, in line with the winning strategies of our company"



Claudio Conforti

Qualilab is a modern, competent and reliable test laboratory, set up on an area of 1,700 m2, which performs tests in accordance with international standards or customer specifications in various fields and sectors: lighting engineering, photometry, photobiological safety, EMC tests, vibrations, climatic tests , aging, IP tests, wheel tests, UNI 10772, acoustic tests.


We have been accredited with Accredia since 2011 and have established a solid relationship with KBA and VCA to execute tests.


The professionalism of the staff working in the laboratory is guaranteed by their high level of preparation and training, result of specific studies and long experience gained in international accredited bodies in the field of tests / certifications.


We take care of the constant updating and competence of the staff, also thanks to the connection we maintain with similar laboratories and research centers.


The equipment, constantly updated and having proven reliability, guarantees the validity of the results and the measurements performed.


At the beginning of 2019, the use of was introduced while completing the transition to the new version of the standard that establishes the competence requirements of test laboratories (EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017). This way we have automated a set of aspects:


- management of non-conformities and corrective actions, internal and external audit plans;

- management of all laboratory equipment, both in relation to calibration and maintenance;

- annual goals, with the creation of monthly goals to check the work progress;

- management of actions to reduce risks / exploit opportunities, scheduling of employee training and recording of the instructions carried out;

- review of suppliers (with the possibility to divide them according to the type of supply).


The following aspects were appreciated at managerial level:


- the dashboard function which shows a general view of the quantity system status in a single screen;

- the analysis function that allows you to aggregate the system punctual records.


After a year of daily use, we can say that it is a valid tool for business management, even for a dynamic reality like Qualilab.

Emmanuele Del Piano
People 3.0

People 3.0 is a cooperative from Modena supplying high-profile training and coaching services. Since February 2018 it has adopted and the Quality 4.0 model to reorganize its organizational and management processes, in order to re-orient them according to the company's mission and values.


Emanuele Del Piano, co-founder and owner of the company told:


" has allowed us to bring quality, not only in the services provided, but in all processes. The Quality Management System brought us to think and decide to improve the whole model of value creation. Gianlorenzo, with his experience and professionalism, guided us to transform what seemed to be an annual obligation into a tool to organize and keep under control the core business of our company.


A lot of synergy has been created and confidence has been strengthened, thanks to the quality training path / service (which we internally renamed "Quality coaching"), which has further relieved us in the management: we can concentrate to our work, being confident to have someone who draws our attention to quality processes whenever necessary. We are learning to apply the day-by-day management system to make it part of everyday life".

Niccolò Gilardoni
Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l.

Gilardoni Arturo S.r.l. may seem like the classic small-medium sized mechanical workshop, but if you are looking for a partner able to produce for you shafts, rods, rollers with a high-precision finishing level, we suggest you contact them.


They introduced the platform since 2017, freeing up the time needed to redesign the organization starting from history, refocusing the vision and their mission and focusing on what they do best for their Customers.


"When I saw for the first time I was afraid it was too complicated solution for our Company, but now, after some time, I am happy to have trusted ".



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