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Medium and large Companies

You have a management system that is formally perfect.


Your company has been certified for years and, as of today, the surveillance audits by the certification body are a pure formality, a few relaxing days in the midst of everyday work chaos.

Yet you perfectly know that there is a lot of work to do behind the golden veil.

  • Excel files to monitor and to be updated
  • A constant rush to get the information
  • A continuous and incessant work that steals your precious time away nevertheless the other things to do

When the Customer's inspection arrives, you can feel that cold sweat running down your back. A nice coat of paint is not enough, things must be well done, to keep away from problems.

How many years has it been like this? Every year the same old story, every year you promise yourself that this is the last time, promising yourself you will start acting in a different way.


Always without tools.


Certification is a cost and the budget does not allow to handle something not leading to production.


And here you are: were you looking for a "free software" or an "open source software" for ISO 9001?

Today is your lucky day. Things happen for a reason!


The well-known problems that many ISO Certified Companies detect with their Management Systems and which we believe could occur in total or in part in your company aswell:

  • the complexity of the System, due to the amount of information to be managed and the people to be involved;
  • the difficulty in contributing to the creation of value in the Company, due to unstructured data collection systems (Excel sheets);
  • the information fragmented into dozens of different solutions not integrated with each other;
  • the lack of proactivity of the System and an inefficient notification systems;
  • the lack of time that may be devoted to the introduction of new digital solutions by the IT manager;
  • safety in the accessibility and archiving of information;
  • the lack of tools capable to involve external parties, including customers and suppliers;
  • the coordination and centralized management of documents and data related to various local units in Italy and abroad.

Our challenge with companies like yours


Based on the experience and information we own, we can hypothesize the main challenges you daily meet in managing your System:

  • deadlines affecting the Management System and traceability of the activities carried out for their fulfillment;
  • operational continuity in the information management, documented through the distribution, sharing and controlled access to the most up-to-date documentation;
  • collection, cataloging and management of non-conformities and complaints, in order to acknowledge, understand and reduce mistakes, by starting and managing corrective actions;
  • management of employees files and training activities;
  • organized filling of all the records required by the regulations;
  • cooperation improvement and involvement of the staff through a process of controlled delegation;
  • In a single sentence, simplify the approach to Quality, making it an integral part of operational processes, obtaining benefits in terms of time savings, staff awareness, reduction of errors, waste and risks.

The new ISO 9001 focuses on the processes performance, leaving the conformity matter to a natural consequence.

Based on our experience, to improve the performance it is necessary to act a change.

The best way to approach is to align to the market: looking at the digital transformation living it as an opportunity.


Our Innovation Manager will let you live the change, driving you, step by step, to change your Managing System to get a useful tool that will contribute on the VALUE PRODUCTION, obtaining since the first year of use, benefits on the investment made to innovate; the time dedicated to the System management won't be a cost but an investment, risks and waste will be reduced getting more time to dedicate to manage improvements and opportunities.

We would gladly organize a meeting to evaluate together what we can do for your company.

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Giuseppe Domaschio
Boffi S.p.A.

Boffi S.p.A. is a worldwide leader in kitchen designers. The introduction of in 2018 allowed to start a process of progressive simplification and streamlining of the Quality Management System, thanks to the digitization of numerous organizational processes.


Two years later, the progressive development of the functions has allowed the launch of an important project for the digitization of Customer reports, which has resulted in the improvement of the quality of the recordings and data available for analysis, with the aim for the upcoming future to automate the communication of Quality data to the customer and within the company.

Forgia Rapida S.r.l.

", in addition to the lean management of documentation, of records related to all three management systems such as quality, safety and environment, is the ideal tool to respond quickly and promptly to customer requests during company audits, but above all, being on a web platform, you just need an internet connection and with any PC, Smartphone or Tablet you can quickly get access to and consult, update, approve documents, manage Non-Conformities, Reports and much more, with a considerable time saving and optimization.


We also happened to be able to show the client its performance while in a meeting in their office".

Service Manager
Cavenaghi S.p.A.

"It is a lean, fast, smart product for tidying up and keeping all documentation under control and therefore very important for those who have a certification".

Elgon Cosmetic

Pidielle S.p.A. is a company specializing in hair cosmetics that combines artisan tradition, passion for the world of beauty and an orientation towards research and innovation through technologically advanced formulations designed with teams of experts, tested in the salon and produced for a single goal: the beauty of hair.


The company's core business is the creation of products for coloring and bleaching hair up to the development of hair care, styling and finish and texture products (permanent and straightening), inspired by the traditional language of art, painting and poetry. Their target market is made up of professional hairdressers in over 80 countries around the world who believe in the beauty power of effective, delicate and pleasant products.


The Pidielle Management System is ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22716: 2007 (GMP) certified. Dr. Fabio Ferrari - QA Manager at Pidielle SPA told: "Since we had its presentation, in 2014, we had understood the usefulness of this tool for an optimal and complete management of all aspects of the systems and since then it has been used daily; over the years we have gradually increased its use thanks also to the continuous updates and implementations that have even increased its potential and completeness, but at the same time, making it more and more fluid, simple and intuitive to use.


The most used sections are:


- documented info: used in every part for a complete management; I would like to point out the particular usefulness of the 'registrations' section which, thanks to the possibility to create the most varied archives and guaranteeing the safety of their contents, is allowing us a little at a time to 'eliminate paper', and not only in relation to documents of the quality.


- training : section daily used to manage and track every training intervention, both internal and external, and their related documents (slides, attendance signatures, certificates, verification tests, etc.)


- personal data sheets: used in all aspects, with the exception of the 'skills assessment' section, whose management has yet to be transferred to Qsanet


- monitoring and measurement resources: currently used only for the instrumentation that is subject to periodic calibration; the part of the Non-Conformity factory machinery and corrective actions needs to be implemented: together with 'Training' section, it is the most used ine to always have under control all the steps of managing a NC of a CAPA


- audit: regularly used to track and manage all audits: first, second, third party, to suppliers and subcontractors


Sections still rarely used today, but which will be migrated to Qsanet and implemented in the future: indicators and objectives, risk management. The main benefit of using Qsanet is the certainty that nothing can escape (revisions deadlines, control of documentation, various deadlines, etc.) and the awareness of always having the entire Management System constantly under control, thanks to the articulated system of mailing and notification of deadlines, which can be parameterized in a truly versatile and varied way.


I recommend its use to all business users (in our company, the training to use is one of the standard mandatory training interventions of the training plans for new hires, obviously calibrating the degree of detail according to the role covered) and, above all, to the managers of the quality, for its ease of use, completeness and variety of information and data that can be entered and managed, and the ability to eliminate all paper documents.

Marco Pierobon
Somec S.p.A.

"We have been Consind customers for QSA since 2004 and I believe the software is complete and increasingly practical and intuitive to use. The main objectives we achieve thanks to its use are:


- management of all the documentation of the quality / environment / safety and 231 systems

- consultation of all machine and equipment manuals for consultation by the staff and by the maintenance technicians, even on construction sites we have from abroad

- management of the laws that Somec must comply with and supervision of deadlines

- archiving and consultation of all company documents; building permits, usability, cpi, various authorizations (company documents that are usually kept in several offices, so instead they are collected in a shared software), product certifications, etc.

- complete management of personnel, courses, related certificates, CVs, medical examinations, PPE, etc.

- maintenance management

- targets

- internal audits


Users consider a useful tool and its use is widespread in the Company".

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