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Consultants and Auditors

The ISO certification industry is getting quite complicated!


The ISO 9001, approached in a traditional way, seemed to have exhausted any added value from Customer point of view, but, on the other hand it has been joined by more specific standards: 14001, 18001, 13485, 16949, 17025 , 27001 to name the most famous ones.
An increase in its complexity many customers are willing to pay a price.

In recent years, everything has changed and in the next few ones it will change again, faster and faster, since the introduction of artificial intelligence also in the professional consulting world.

Soon we will be involved in:

  • Regulatory changes
  • Complexity increase
  • Digital Trasformation
  • Adaptation

Regardless of your will, the comfort zone is eroded and you face two possible choices: losing market opportunities, undergo your customer choices. Your services will quickly become obsolete; the other choice is to innovate, design new services, introduce new tools, identify reliable partners forging with them winning synergies.

Only a new business allows you to seize the opportunities of a rapidly changing market.


We are here to help you.

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  • Digital transformation is your Trojan Horse to meet new customers
  • Digital transformation is a powerful ally that makes your job easier
  • Digital transformation makes you save your energies and sets free the time you need to go back to your Cmpany as a consultant for the organization, NOT for Certification.

I'm talking about a market in which all the companies are interested in listening to the wind of change, because they feel the need it. A market that in recent years has grown with double-digit rates and is worth 1.7 billion euros. No, I'm not talking about the certification market, I'm talking about the Digital Transformation market!

We have here an offer for you, a simple and transparent agreement with an experienced partner in the digital transformation of the ISO-standard Management Systems market, aiming at the success of all the players involved:

    • your success, offering you the opportunity to expand your services, differentiate the offer, find new customers and get the necessary tools for a proactive interaction with your customers and with the standardization of processes;;

    • the success of your Customer, which can simplify the management of their system, save time, reduce operational risks and have your support to implement effective improvement processes;

    • our success, together with yours and your results, we will consolidate our platform and grow into a solid and long-lasting market.

How to join? As I said it is very simple and transparent:

  • join the partner program, today it costs you nothing but your time;

  • benefit from our training and from our "Quality Walk", an innovative driving and self-learning service;

  • we help you to face the change, supporting the planning and communication of news and new services to your audience;

  • we are not asking you for investments, you can buy on sales through a dedicated price lists or obtain commissions from purchases completed by your Customers;

  • you will get a first-level dedicated assistance, able to support you for any doubts or needs while using the platform, and with the development of the Management Systems of your Customers.

Using our platform you can:

  • differentiate your offer through an innovative and valuable proposal;

  • have an extra sales reason to approach new customers;

  • simplify the documentary approach of your Customers' Management Systems;
    receive notifications and alerts to be able to collaborate remotely in real time with your Customers;

  • receive notifications and alerts to be able to collaborate remotely in real time with your customers;

  • monitor and intervene in a timely and proactive way regarding the needs and criticalities emerging in your Customers' Management Systems;

  • remotely assist and intervene on all your Customers improvement processess;

  • provide training to use the platform;

  • modify and escalate the service according to your needs and opportunities. comes from your same world of Management Systems consulting. Although we are a software company we speak your language, we are specialized in Management Systems and we know the criticalities and opportunities of your reference market.

Thanks to this experience, we provide a ready-to-use cloud platform that does not require any IT skills and does not distract from your core business: provide consultancy!

Contact us to start your innovation process.

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Marco Catalani

"The collaboration started with QSANET has brought added value to our work because with a software we have become a leader in our reference market in the field of Management Systems and we have won commercial comparisons with other competitors thanks to this solution.


The ability to build additional consulting and training activities around the product has allowed us to build customer loyalty (once get used to the system there is no competitor who can enter the company) and to increase the turnover of services related to the product for each customer who needs more support and training.


The assistance support is excellent and basically in real time. The software is constantly evolving and, as a Partner, we help to point out improvement opportunities.


To date, in an SME, it does its job very well".

Massimiliano Pierni

"We offer our customers QSA.NET because we believe in the potential of these software and we are welcoming the Management Systems digitization, in an era in which everything runs on the web and is highly interconnected.


For any problem or doubt, their assistance service responds quickly. Furthermore, we appreciate the willingness of their technicians and developers to find together the most suitable solution for their Customers who require to customize the software.


As for the software, our Customers are very satisfied because QSA.NET facilitates the control of all deadlines, with the possibility to receive alerts and reminders for each of the activities. The documentation is accessible online, always updated and available for consultation by all users. It also offers the opportunity to manage various aspects from a single interface, from infrastructures to training, to non-conformities".

Forgia Rapida S.r.l.

" is one of the best systems I have seen clear easy to retrieve documentation".

Luca Salini
Sada S.n.c.

"As an auditor I appreciated the streamlining of the platform having a very clear and defined structure for the common registrations of the HLS model, of the different certification schemes, as well as functions dedicated specifically for distinct topics such as Risk Analysis, Analysis of mandatory aspects and internal and external documentation management.


The platform also seemed highly customizable to the organization's management system, as it should be, as every Management System must be adequately implemented and customized to the structure. It immediately became clear to me that thanks to the management system has moved from document and record management to the higher level of the true business management.


The platform automatically manages the document flow and the related registrations in a structured way and at the same time provides a real-time dashboard of all activities and deadlines connected to the various certified systems and customized for the different users, hence, the real management tool for process managers.


Through, all the system documentation is structured and accessible and can be consulted remotely, almost you could be part of the remote audit, and then focus as an internal or external audit activity only on the operational processes of the organization".

Ivan Colombo

"I had been looking for years for software that could help me and my Clients in monitoring Management Systems, but nothing I had tried had ever convinced me enough. Dealing with a colleague, who is an evaluator, he introduced me to, using a demo made by him, and then, by contacting the company with a more detailed demo created by the Team.


I proposed it to a Client, who took that opportunity and we tested it together. A year later I can say that the software has met my expectations, but above all it has fully satisfied my Client's expectations, making the work more efficient. In light of this first experience, I decided to keep as a business tool for both myself and my Clients, presenting and installing it in many other situations"

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